New OPTIMA Bent axial type axial piston pump for PALFINGER Hiab loader crane

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Type axial piston pump
Part number OPT.114.K & OPT.113.K
Catalog number of the original OPT.114.K.56 (equivalent to A17F063). OPT.113.K.80 (equivalent to A17FNO 80cc - A17FO80..). OPT.114.K.107 (equivalent to A17FNO 107cc - A17FO107..) Verstellpumpen Serie TXV Hydro Leduc TXV 40 L, TXV 60 L, TXV75L, TXV 92 R, TXV 120 HP L, Sauganschlüsse, Bypassventil Axialkolben, Kolbenpumpen Serie XPI Hydro Leduc XPI12, XPI 18, XPI25, XPI32, XPI 41, XPI 50, XPI63, XPI 80, PA-12, PA25, PA40, PAC-50, PAC65, PA-100, PA-114, PAC 2-17, PAC2-25, PAC 2-40, Kolbenpumpen Serie SL Sunfab, SL20/20, SL28/28, SL 46/46, SL 64/32, Kolbenpumpen Serie SC, SC9084L, SC 9108 R, SC 12 L, SC84L, SC 108 L, SCT 90 L, SCT 130 L Kolbenpumpen Serie SAP 12, SAPT, SAP 56 L/R, SAP 64 L/R SAPT 130 L/R, Verstellpumpen Serie SVH Sunfab, Sauganschlüsse, Verstellpumpen Serie A17VO (KVA), KVA 55, KVA80, KVA 107 Kolbenpumpen Serie A17FO (KFA), KFA23, KFA32, KFA 107, KFA125, Verstellpumpen Serie VP1 Parker, VP1-45-L, VP1-75-L, VP1-95-L, VP1-130 R, Kolbenpumpen F3-81-L, F3-101-L, F3-101-R, Serie F2, F2-42/42-L, F2-55/28-R, F2-53/53-R, F2-70/35-R, F2-70/70-R, F1-25-L, F1-51-L, F1-81-L, F1-101-R, T1-81-L, T1-121-R, Equivalent to Sunfab: SAP 012-108 DIN SAP 084, 108 DIN SAPT 090, 130 DIN SCP 012-108 SAE SCP 012-130 ISO SCPD 56/26 DIN SCPD 56/26 DIN BY-PASS SCPD 70/36 DIN BY-PASS SCPD 76/76 DIN SLPD 20/20-64/32 DIN SLPD 40/20-64/32 SAE
Year of manufacture 2019
Location Germany Schkeuditz
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID PV18476
Condition new
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