Wertheim MultiUp XXL Ambulift other airport equipment

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Type other airport equipment
Year of manufacture 2014
Location Netherlands Starnmeer
Placed on Aug 24, 2019
Seller stock ID A2329
Condition used

More details:

A380 fit: Easy and direct access to upper deck doors above the wings
Lifting operation from 0 m – 8.10 m
No stabilizers required -> lifting process starts while moving the vehicle
Handling process 2-4 times as fast
Cabin can be lowered down to ground level -> easy access for wheelchairs etc
Simultaneous loading of all passengers
No tailgate lift required
Minimum space required / high level mobility and manoeuvrability
Direct docking to buildings and busses
No repositioning during docking process necessary
Cabin change-over system
Extremely reliable
minimal cost for maintenance and repair
Multifunctional ways of use as – PRM Loader – Catering Vehicle – Waste Disposal Vehicle –
Containerloader – VIP Transporter / Mobile Lounge – Mobile Workshop
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