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≈ $26,170
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Type scaffolding
Year of manufacture 2018
Net weight 37480 lb
Gross weight 37480 lb
Location Poland Oleśnica
Placed on more than 1 month
Autoline ID LX14482
Condition new
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We are a Polish Factory of formwork , scaffolding and fencing systems
Customized solution tailored to suit your individual needs.
Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they are not yet aware of.
Safety is the most important for us. We have extensive knowledge and experience in of construction and we are still developing to provide our clients with the highest quality of goods and services.
We work together closely with our customers to develop BEST SOLUTION. This saves our customers both time and money.
- We have most competitive prices.
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New Scaffolding Set for1500m2
Our System- dimensionally matched to the type of Plettac Fasade scaffoldings
Scaffolding ready to go !!!!!!!!!
All in stock
The exact length(m) 128
Working area(m2) 1500
Working hight (m) 12
Land: Polen

Neues Gerüstsystem Typ Plettac kompatibel 1500m2
Die Gerüstteile sind sofort lieferbar!!

Gerüstlänge(m) 128
Arbeitsfläche(m2) 1500
Arbeitshöhe (m) 12

1. Stahlrahmen/ Рама 2,00m x 0,73m -205
2. Holzboden 3m / Настил стальной 3,07m x 0,32m-370
3. Geländer/ Поручень 3,07 m-440
4. Doppelstirngeländer / Поручень фронтальный 0,73m-8
5. Diagonale(3,60m)/ Связь диагональная (поле 3,0 м)- 40
6. Geländerpfosten / Стойка поручня 1,0 м-39
7. GEwindefussplatte/ I Хомут продольный 0,40m-86
8. Stirnrahmen /Рама фронтальная 1,00 x 0,73-2
9. Alu-Durchstieg mit Leiter/ Настил алюминиево-фанерный переходной с лестницей 3,07 x 0,61-15
10. Normalkupplung / Хомут нормальный -75
11. Ringösen/ Болт анкерный с ушком 0,23 m- 75
12. Gerüsthalter/Анкер 0,30 m- 75
13. Bordbrett /Бортовая доска продольная 3,00 x 0,15- 200
14. Stirnbordbrett 0,74x0,15-8
15. Untere Diagonalbefestigung -8

Gesamt Nettopreis/ Чистая сумма счета-фактуры 24000 €

Kontakt für weitere Informationen :
Adriana Kubot
Handy Nr: +49 157 75603436

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