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Banner advertisement

Placing banner advertisements on Autoline is a great way to push up sales of goods and services, increase recognition ratio both of a well-known company and a new brand as well as to attract users to Your website.
To place a banner all You need is to choose relevant places as we will take care of the rest, banner development and designing come with the cost of a banner!
More than 125 000 users visit Autoline every day, and they can become Your clients!

What is a banner?
Banner is a graphic element that may contain a logo or photos of Your company's machinery and make reference to Your website or to Your advertisements on Autoline.
Samples of our banners

Placing a banner within categories

We recommended to sellers of a specific machinery types or specific services to place banner ads in the website sections.
For instance, if Your company deals with the sales of trucks section "trucks for sale" will be the most suitable for You, as it is this section that is viewed by people who want to buy trucks, so undoubtedly they will see Your banner.

Placing a banner on the main page

Banner advertising on the main page is targeted at a wide circle of users and it is more relevant for general services advertising. For instance, if Your company provides leasing services then Your banner will be interesting for 90% of people who have visited the main page. Placing a banner on the main page will also be great in case if You company just enters the market and Your main goal is to raise the recognition ratio both of a brand and provided services.
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